Madeleine Love’s Great Big List of Studies

Madeleine Love is posting an ongoing series reviewing studies of GM food that assert their safety, which she demonstrates is false.

“Promoters of GM food and crops tend to cite this list as an enormous collection of studies demonstrating the human food safety of commercial GM crops. I begin this new series of posts to show that this list demonstrates nothing of the kind.  In fact, there has never been a study looking to see if GM food (of any single or combined exposures to GM lines, approved or rogue) has been safe to eat, or not. Not one. Indeed our food regulator here in Australia, FSANZ, has given the responsibility of post-marketing studies to the patent holders of the GM crops, Monsanto, Dow, Bayer, Du Pont, Syngenta et al.”

Well sourced and referenced for further study, the full series (currently 16) are linked here.

“A number of the studies on the list report changes, findings of harm, or findings that contradict assumptions made by regulators when they approved GM food for consumption. There are studies on experimental GM crops that produced adverse health outcomes in animals. Other ‘studies’ are opinion based discussions founded on a priori assumptions, their validity yet to be demonstrated. Some are simply irrelevant to human food safety.”

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